Kamil Patel Memorial Scholarship
For College Rugby Players
Children’s book written for Kamil Patel

Posted Monday October 8, 2018

From the author, Will Mason

Children’s Book

This book was written in honor of our late friend and family member, Kamil Patel, who was tragically killed in an act of random violence in late January 2018.

get your copies here.

Thank you so much, everyone.  Thanks to your generous hearts, we have reached our goal of $6,000 this past Friday evening - just 5 days after launching our campaign.  This all wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you and your generosity.  Kamil and I lost track of each other after high school, but it is certain that he made quite an impact on all of us - no matter how long or how close we knew him.  He was one of a kind, and he will be remembered until we meet him again.  Thank you so much - I can't wait for everyone to get their books.  Until then - feel free to keep sharing - we have 20+ more days to raise more money for this scholarship!  THANK YOU!

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