Kamil Patel Memorial Scholarship
For College Rugby Players

The 2019 Fundraiser Goal is $8000 by 50 Contributors


The Kamil Patel Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Buffalo Rugby Club is a Tax Exempt 501c3 Organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.

First Choice - Send a check written to The Kamil Patel Memorial Scholarship Fund by US Mail to:

The Kamil Patel Memorial Scholarship Fund
293 Washington Hwy
Amherst, NY 14226

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Contributions By Year
4 Contributors $2950 in 2019


    Top 20 Contributors Since 2012
    Joe Crawford$3000
    Michael Hoover$2000
    Dannish Patel$1650
    Ron Astridge$1000
    Kathryn Crawford$780
    Steve Caruana$500
    Buffalo Rugby Alumni$500
    Jon Goergen$250
    Jeff Qualey$250
    Matt Sutton$210
    Tui Osborne$100
    Dean Penman$100
    Twyla Shelmire$100
    Yuliya Yusim$100
    Steve Lewis$100
    Vicky Nguyen$50
    Shazli Naseer$50
    Gerry Wojcik$20